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Food, Music & Family Canalón de Timbiquí + Family Atlantica

Saturday 22 Jul 2017 - 1:00 PM to 7:00 pm | Cost: £30
| ROYAL ALBERT HALL.London, United Kingdom

Two families, Nidia Gongora’s (Quantic collaborator) Canalón de Timbiquí and Family Atlantica (Soundway Records), invite you to a truly unique event where you will try the delicious & traditional food from the colombian pacific coast, learn how to play the music, and experience an intimate unplugged concert by the two bands. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch one of Colombia’s most magical traditional pacific music groups on their first-ever UK tour, together with the amazing Family Atlantica, some of London’s finest musicians playing music that fuses the UK with Africa and Venezuela.


£30 : food + intimate concert + workshop on traditional marimba music from Colombia

Canalon’s music echoes the ancestral sounds of the Afro-Colombian Pacific Coast, recreating the power and rhythm with the chonta marimba, the percussion instrument guasa and the bombs drum. The melodies of the marimba and voice reflect the sounds of the pacific coast, and the lyrics are about the jungles, rivers, miners and all of their surroundings in the town they are from – Timbiqui. Timbiqui, located in the Cauca state on the Pacific Coast, is where the group hails from. The group of female singers are led by Nidia Góngora (long-time Quantic collaborator) and are supported by a band using a range of traditional percussive instruments such as the tambora drum and the xylophone-style marimba with its unique, light sound.

With international interest in this traditional ‘pacifico’ music, Nidia Góngora has worked with producer, band leader, and DJ Quantic for the past five years in collaborations and tours across Europe. In 2012, Sofrito Records included in its compilation record the song LA ZORRA Y EL PEROL, one of Canalón’s classic songs. In the same year, the group made a cover of La Jeanne from renowed and beloved French artist George Brassens.

FAMILY ATLANTICA (Venezuela, UK, Africa)

At the heart of FAMILY ATLANTICA are three people from three different continents: London born JACK YGLESIAS, band leader, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, a veteran of The Heliocentrics and live Quantic bands. His wife LUZMIRA ZERPA, traditional Venezuelan musician, poet and singer with the magical voice acclaimed by MANU CHAO, and half Nigerian-half Ghanaian KWAME ‘NATURAL POWER’ CRENTSIL, master percussionist and dancer and son of Daniel Korangteng Crentsil, percussionist of Fela Kuti’s Africa 70. They lead a multi-national band of London’s finest musicians from around the Atlantic region.

The FAMILY ATLANTICA album release on SOUNDWAY RECORDS features collaborations with the father of Ethiopian jazz MULATU ASTATKE and Cuban rumba legends YORUBA ANDABO. The album received enormous support from DJ and tastemaker Giles Peterson who called it “a really great record!” and it earned 4 and 5 star reviews in the mainstream press including The Guardian, The Independent, Songlines Magazine, Le Monde and Les Inrocks.
Family Atlantica’s intense live show has conquered many festival stages across Europe, including WOMEX, WOMAD, PALEO, RIO LOCO, ART ROCK, BABEL MED and most recently as the support act for BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB’s final UK tour, including London’s famous ROYAL ALBERT HALL.London, United Kingdom

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Cost: £30
Categories: Food & Festival,Music
Address: ROYAL ALBERT HALL.London, United Kingdom
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